july, 2018

30junjun 308:00 pmjul 1The Blushing Brides Return. Opening Kacie Grenon with Last Reach Band Get your tickets early
5juljul 58:00 pmjul 6- 1:00 amKaraoke
6juljul 68:00 pmjul 7- 1:00 amThe Rat Showcase Young and Old Together. This is a monthly show which "Benefits" the Hull High School music program
7juljul 71:00 pmjul 8- 1:00 amBooty Vortex: Best party band around. Update; Tickets are going fast do not miss this summer show
12juljul 128:00 pmjul 13- 1:00 amKaraoke
13juljul 138:00 pmjul 14- 1:00 amMilk-N-Bones
14juljul 148:00 pmjul 15- 1:00 amThis show is being dedicated to the memory of our friend Vinny Cogliano; The Fools; It's A World Dance Party. Opening Band: The Roll Over White Band. Tickets available online
19juljul 198:00 pmjul 20- 1:00 amKaraoke
20juljul 208:00 pmjul 21- 1:00 amJust Added The Aldous Collins Band, Gregory Roy & The Instigators
21juljul 218:00 pmjul 22- 1:00 amThe Gratefuls
24juljul 248:00 pmjul 25- 1:00 amFrom Seattle, The Adarna Band. Opening Tori Jones . This is a special show
26jul8:00 pmGirls Night Out: Alright ladies we have answered your request. This night is for you. Tickets maybe purchased at www.ticketor.com
27juljul 278:00 pmjul 28- 1:00 amCharlie Don't Surf Here & The America Who Sensation A Who Tribute Band
28juljul 288:00 pmjul 29- 1:00 amThe Commander Cody Band