march, 2018

2marmar 28:00 pmmar 3- 1:00 amBecause of the weather forecast and possible flooding this show has been cancelled. New Date 3/9/2018 The Rat Show Case; New and Old Punk Rock Show
3marmar 38:00 pmmar 4- 1:00 amDue to the recent storm this show has been cancelled refunds will be given from the online sales. Watch for his possible return in June. Blues Hall of Fame Joe Moss tickets on sale now
4mar2:00 pmBenefit for Friends Of The Homeless Of The South Shore Featuring Brothers In Harmony- Doors open at 2pm-
9marmar 98:00 pmmar 10- 1:00 amThe Rat Showcase ;
10marmar 108:00 pmmar 11- 1:00 amDraw The Line The Best Aerosmith Tribute Band In The World Tickets maybe purchased online
16marmar 168:00 pmmar 17- 1:00 amKaraoke
17marmar 178:00 pmmar 18- 1:00 amMustard Seed Production Benefit for Veterans; U2 Tribute band and more
18mar4:00 pmMustard Seed Production Veterans Benefit : Letters From The Front
23marmar 238:00 pmmar 24- 1:00 amKaraoke
24marmar 248:00 pmmar 25- 1:00 amSix Fox Whiskey
30marmar 308:00 pmmar 31- 1:00 amKaraoke
31marmar 318:00 pmapr 1The Sugaray Rayford Band Tickets on sale now